September 26, 2023

Is It Better To Take Surveys On A PC or Cell Phone? In the image below I have put a big red border around the answer for this survey invite. This particular survey is for people using a PC (which can include both MAC and PC.)

However, the ultimate answer to the question is both. When I see a broad term survey come in, I want to click it and get started immediately before the survey fills up — and they do fill up fast, so click as soon as you can. I saw this invite come in so I hopped on my PC and got started.

Because survey invites are time sensitive it's critical that I am able to access my invites asap. As mentioned in a previous article, having a dedicated email just for survey invites can help keep things organized and make it easy to get to those invites immediately because the invites don't get lost in a sea of other email.

The name of the game with surveys is speed and reaction time. The faster you can reach a survey invite the better chance of qualifying. Pay attention to the details such as what the survey is for, then you can quickly decide if an invite is worth clicking. The one above is for PC only, so if you don't have fast access to your PC, pass on the invite and move on to a survey that fits. ??