September 26, 2023

This is an ongoing article in development. Part 1 of a series about making money from home.

This article deals with making money from home remotely by referring other people to surveys. Undoubtedly, this is an excellent way to generate extra income. 

After you sign up for a survey company, look to see if they have a referral program. Below I will list at least 10 companies that will either pay you hard cold (PayPal) cash or points that can be redeemed for cash...It's all the same in the end. 😀

However, for now, let's talk about who you're going to share your referral link with..

Total strangers.

Yep. That's the answer. We have never met, but you're here reading this article about how to make money from home referring people to survey companies. You're here because you received an email from, or you followed a link from a blog, or wherever.

You might end up clicking a suggested link to a survey company you're not currently signed up with. And voila. I have earned a tiny "commission" of (for example) $2.40. Doesn't sound like a lot of money but imagine if you were able to get 10 people a day to sign up using your referral link.

It's looking better now, isn't it. 🔥

That's $24 dollars for setting up a system that generates traffic to your referral link. Once you have set up that system, let's call it the "car", you'll need to fuel that car to keep it moving.

The typical and easily accessible ways people just starting out fuel their cars are

There are other methods but these are not for beginners.

Because I love this subject I'll be posting very detailed articles that will expound on the methods listed here. Back when I started in this business I took a lot of heat for posting links online. This was 15 years ago. Now? You see everyone posting links online because earning money with any sort of referral link is extremely helpful for people's personal economy. And people have warmed up to the idea of posting their referral links. It's now commonplace to see people doing it. So imagine that for yourself, and imagine what earning $24 (as an example, I can't make promises) would do for you if you repeated that a few times a week.

I will never forget the joy and hope I felt when I earned my first $1.50. A light went off in my head. Actually it was more like an explosion! I did the math and dreamed the dream and within a month I had generated about $800 working from home remotely. 

Let's talk about some of the survey companies that will allow you to refer other people for $$$. 

  1. Survey Junkie. "SJ" as I like to call them have been around for awhile. They're a very stable survey company with a decent and enticing user interface. So that users will want to sign up and start taking surveys. 
  2. Branded Surveys (GoBranded.) Branded has a very nice user interface that is very accomplished at getting new people want to sign up to take surveys. For this reason Branded is a great choice when posting a referral link.
  3. Inbox Dollars.
  4. Rakuten Insights

If you haven't already signed up for these companies with your "fresh email" (that means a fresh email that you have created specifically for work from home gigs and surveys. Why should I create a fresh email? Article is here) I will drop the links for you here: