September 26, 2023

Avoid the headache: Create a fresh email for survey taking


(I will be walking you through everything from start to finish here in this article.) 

You can use whatever provider you prefer, it doesn't matter. The key issue here is that separating survey invites from your regular email will avoid tremendous headaches, help keep things organized and make it simple to click survey invites fast. Getting to the invites before the survey closes increases your chances of getting in and getting paid.

In the example below you can see my email setup:

You see 6 emails, these are survey company requests. Because I have a dedicated email just for surveys, I can easily see the number of requests - and that I have requests. This makes it easy for me to get to them as soon as I see them, click them, and apply for the survey. When I view my emails this way I can see that I have survey requests and how many. 

I highly recommend that you create a fresh email and keep survey requests out of your main email. However, the last thing I want to do is make this seem mandatory. If you would rather not create a fresh email, that's perfectly fine! 

Survey companies send out a lot of email notifications when surveys are available. But this is a good thing, it means opportunity is knocking. You should always click those invites immediately because in the survey world it's first come first serve

Having a fresh email dedicated to just surveys will give you an advantage by eliminating the chance that a survey invite might get lost in the sea of other email you receive daily. As long as you check your email several times a day you'll likely be able to get those survey invites much faster than if everything is combined in one email. I use iPhone, and I get big red notifications when new email comes in. ✅

I didn't want to miss this opportunity so I clicked immediately!

I love the broad term surveys because they don't eliminate me based on criteria I will never qualify for. For example, I do not own my own home, so if the survey was about home ownership, I wouldn't bother clicking. But the broad term surveys like this one, I'm going to click immediately because I have a better chance to qualify.

You'll want to create this new email before you start taking any more surveys. If you signed up for a survey company through OneGoodGig with your main email, don't worry, please. No big deal. You can always create your new email now, and then go back and sign up again, if you want (not mandatory!). But going forward, it's a good idea to use your fresh email. 

You'll be getting an email that will link you to an article about how you can make more money with surveys. The reason I am linking you to articles, rather than have you read a long email, is because it's the best way to fully give you the best directions. 

Sign up for 2 surveys companies with your new email (again, new email NOT mandatory, just recommended)

Sign up for InboxDollars
They have a lot of stuff back there to do and various ways to earn money. You'll get a fair number of survey requests. Also, and we will be talking more about to make money with referrals soon, they have a referral program where you get:

  • When you send a referral, you get $1.00 when your referral activates their account and you get 30% of their lifetime earnings* - sign up, confirm your email (this is called a "double optin") and navigate to their referral area for full information). Stay tuned for another article on this.

Make sure to answer all questions honestly. Some people will try to cheat, but in the long term as far as getting paid, this is a bad deal because you're more likely to get paid when you answer questions honestly. They know... 🤣

Sign up for Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie makes it easy to get points that convert to $$$. They're pretty straight forward. They do have a referral program that is for the advanced user (we will cover that later). SJ, as I like to call them, is available in the US, Canada, Australia and the UK. They're legit and have a lot of survey invite opportunities. Their user interface is super easy to deal with, making signing up and accessing surveys easy.

If you've read this far, you're a warrior. Thank you for your time. Be sure to check out the focus group job board. We post a lot of online focus group opportunities 6 days a week. While there is no guarantee of acceptance on these, they pay very very well when you complete a focus group. I have participated in quite a few of these and I can tell you it's rush to get paid this way, plus they're super fun. 

Visit the job board here!