Legitimate & Free Data Entry Work From Home Tasks You Can Do To Earn Income

Data entry working from home comes in many forms. There are, of course, traditional data entry work from home jobs, which are usually not entirely remote because they do require you to go into an office periodically. So you still need to live pretty close to the company. That said, a true data entry work from home job is actually pretty unusual to find. But there are other options for you to use your data entry skills to earn income that are covered below.

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There are so many data entry platforms that it may get confusing to know where and how to find them, where to start, how to identify them, and how to know if they're legitimate and what their requirements are. 

Some of these platforms might overlap. Meaning, Amazon Turk specializes in connecting people to data entry tasks, but they also provide survey taking as well. The best way to find out which platforms meet your needs is to become familiar with them and make an informed decision. That said, we have organized the information here to help you fast-track this process!

If you want to apply to any platform to earn income by doing data entry tasks there are steps you should take to ensure you're up to speed, as some platforms may require you take an assessment first (such as, for example https://www.dataannotation.tech. Note: YouTube has a ton of reviews on this particular company regarding their assessment that are really useful!)

When you apply on any platform to do data entry tasks, here are some steps you will want to take first:

  • Build your profile up first, make sure your information is complete, updated and accurate.
  • Know your current, accurate typing speed first prior to taking any assessment. There are free websites you can use to test. They are findable on Google by searching "free typing test"
  • Refresh your data entry skills or learn them prior to applying to a platform. If you're not experienced at data entry, make sure to brush up or practice first. In the case of AI learning website platforms that pay you to perform these kinds of tasks for pay, some platforms may require you complete their training tasks first with no pay. This doesn't mean that these sites are not worth your time! They just want to make sure you're skilled and competent.
  • As with any job, data entry can be competitive, so keep that in mind and be sure to have the right expectations in regard to your current skill level. 

Data entry websites that pay you to do tasks

Keep in mind that not all platforms might be the right fit for you. You should hone your skills, and register for as many as possible, try them out and see which ones work best for you. Here are the best platforms in no particular order. (Also keep in mind that you can search YouTube for current information on each platform!)


Hive Micro has an app you can download, they offer AI tasks, audio transcription and so much more, and they are available in over 200 countries.


If you have never done transcription work before, you will want to brush up first. 


You will need a verified PayPal account to join Humanatic. Although this is not technically data entry, per se, and is a bit different, you can earn money reviewing calls. Make sure to review their website fully to decide if this is for you. 


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