Branded Is Awesome. They offer a lot. 

This tutorial is for YOU whether you're a current member of Branded and need some tips or you are not a member and need information to decide if Branded Surveys is a good match for you! ✅

Branded is one of the best because of the number of surveys they have inside. The catch? You have to click fast. Branded will send out an email to let you know a new survey is available. But pro tip: you have to act fast. I signed up with Branded using a second email so I can catch the surveys as fast as they come in.

I'm getting 10 to 20 surveys mailed to me a day. I'm also an upgraded member. This means I have taken enough surveys to be upgraded. You're going to want to take enough surveys to unlock the extra points because they add up. Also, you should go into your email and click yes, you want to receive surveys, or they won't send them.

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Their interface is really fun to use and can be accessed on a desktop as well as hand held device. After you've signed up and taken a dozen surveys you'll be able to decide which ones would be best completed on a cell phone and which ones would be best taken on a laptop. In my case it's an 90/10 split with 90% being done on my cell phone. But you'll need to determine which is right for you. Once you have, taking the surveys can be sped up. And this is the goal, so take as many surveys as you can as effectively as you can. This is a learning process to be honest. It will take some time. 

Make sure you're being honest when giving feedback. Companies are counting on you.

So when can I get my cash?

After you've achieved 500 points you can cash out. So Branded's payout threshold is low, making it desirable. It's no nonsense and straightforward compared to some platforms. 

How do I get paid?

You qualify to cash out after accruing 500 points. I was able to do this pretty quickly (around an hour - your results may vary)

Before you cash out Branded will ask you to verify that everything is correct. When you click on payout you'll automatically be directed to the screen to verify. It's very simple.

Your payout options are in the image below. I like PayPal but it's really about whatever works best for you.

I'm very impressed with Branded overall. My only comment is that surveys fill fast and this can at times be frustrating. But that is the name of the game. I've learned to click fast and adjust my expectations.

Overall, Branded is a great platform and thousands of people agree!

- Staff @

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The video below will provide an overview of what you can reasonably expect to earn with Branded, how to use their platform and you will see their bonus incentive program.