Posted June 11, 2024

FILLED. Thank you Amber P. for the wonderful you did!

OneGoodGig is looking for an occasional Remote Virtual Assistant / Data Entry Clerk to perform the following duties

We're looking for an experienced researcher to gather data and compile it into an Excel spreadsheet.

Duties include gathering population data on nearby cities in relation to the top 30 most populated cities in the United States.

For example, Atlanta GA. We would like nearby cities within a 30/50 mile radius to be gathered, along with their population, and organized into an Excel spreadsheet.

Accuracy and speed is a must. This is an occasional gig. If you do well and like working with OneGoodGig then we would offer you any other Remote Data Entry gigs first.

  • To apply, please send your resume and a cover letter to along with your availability and your most recent experience.

Pay is competitive and we are fun small company to work with. You must be a US resident. 

Appreciate your interest!