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If you've never made money online using your phone or laptop, this article is written for you.  The ultimate goal of is to help you earn realistic extra money from home, in your spare time, working just part time. And for good measure I'll throw in a few offline methods too. ?

To accomplish this you'll learn to source multiple online platforms doing a wide variety of tasks.

We'll go into survey taking, referring folks to surveys, referral marketing, participating in online or offline focus groups, micro task sites, and new methods will be added and written in detail about as they are needed.

Before we begin.  

I need to emphasize in red bold type "Before we begin" because you need to know that to achieve the goal of making $500 from home or offline is going to require guts, determination, patience and complete willingness to do things you're not familiar with. I could spend 20,000 words writing about just this alone, it's that important. I'm sure you've probably seen the outrageous claims that go something like this:

Make $5000 a week doing surveys! 

Bullcrap. ?‍♀️

Okay, rant over. Let's talk about making goals and what to do to begin the process of making a decent part time income without a traditional "job".

Naturally, as you go through the process of looking at the ways available to you to make extra cash, you're going to gravitate to certain methods, you'll find you like certain things and don't like others. That's perfectly normal. 

I ask that you try all the methods listed and make a note of what works for you and what doesn't, and why. I've written about this on other articles, but if you haven't already, now would be a great time to create a fresh email for your work from home pursuits. Here's the article explaining why. Please read it here - and then continue reading this article.