As a delivery driver, you're constantly on the move, navigating traffic, making sure orders reach your customer in top-notch condition and keeping yourself calm, hydrated and fed. In the fast-paced world of gig delivery, having the right gear can make a world of difference in your efficiency, income and overall experience. So let’s dive into the accessories that can elevate your game as a ride share and delivery driver.

As told to this writer by Nancy M.

My Car Setup

Driving works better when my car is set up right. The first thing I invested in was a phone mount. I tried a few and I really like a quick-release magnetic grip mount which is why I use the [iOttie iTap 2 Magnetic Dashboard Holder.] I like the magnetic grip over a claw grip because I can just pop my phone on and off the mount without having to mess around with using both hands to get my phone on and off a claw grip holder. My phone mount allows for wireless charging which makes things even easier. Here’s a tip for summer, aim one of your air conditioning vents at your phone to prevent it from overheating.

I have a [tote bag] on the floor of my front passenger seat that holds everything I need for the day. A [small insulated bag] with food that’s easy to eat without creating a mess, like power bars, fruit, nuts, raisins, apple slices, grapes, things like that. I also have four good [thermal cups], the kind where squeezing a button as you drink opens the drinking hole. That way what’s inside stays hot or cold without having to flip a lid open and shut. One is for my coffee, two are for iced drinks and the fourth is for hot soup in case I’m not able to stop to eat. Because I’m spending so much time in my car anything that makes things easier or more comfortable is worth the investment.

Staying Charged Up

Using your phone for navigation and communication will quickly drain your battery so having a [good charging cord] is essential.

Choose a cord length that minimizes clutter, taking into account the distance between your USB port and your phone mount. If you have an older vehicle a Bluetooth connector with built-in USB ports may be a good option.

If you're on foot or using a bicycle, a portable external battery, like the ones from [Anker], can be a lifesaver.

I also have several (mini-USB, Type C USB, Apples Lightening charger), [extra-long fast charging cords] that I can offer to my passengers.

Making Deliveries

If your gig day includes food orders you may want to invest in your own bags. While the small delivery bags provided by GrubHub and Postmates are fine for single orders, the big bags they provide are flimsy and really awkward to carry.

Sturdy Delivery Bag: Invest in a sturdy, spacious delivery bag that's easy to carry. This is what you’ll use to pack your food into when you arrive at the restaurant and to deliver to the customers door. Look for one with good insulation that will keep food hot or cold. Amazon offers a lot of options such as this Red Insulated Food Delivery Bag which is what I use.

Insulated Food Delivery Boxes: I wouldn’t invest in these right away but as if you really get into food delivery and are juggling multiple deliveries you may want to consider getting insulated food delivery boxes. They fit easily in your trunk and are perfect for separating orders or maintaining different temperature zones for hot and cold items.

Portable Cup Holders: If juggling multiple drinks is driving you crazy then portable cup holders are the solution. They fold flat so they’re easy to store in your car and make it so you can easily handle even the largest drink orders.

Extra Gadgets

To truly streamline your day, consider adding a few extra gadgets.

Key Lanyard: If your car has keyless locks and a trunk release, a key lanyard is really helpful. No more fumbling around for your keys when you have a large order to manage – just click and open your car door or trunk.

Sticky Notes: If you’re stacking orders, you have to use sticky notes. I recommend super-sticky notes as some bags have a waxy coating. Use them to label bags, drinks, and boxes. To save time, while you’re waiting to pick up an order start writing your sticky notes so they’re ready to slap onto each bag when you get to the counter. If you’re picking up multiple orders I recommend using a different color sticky note for each order. Not only will that save you from making the fatal mistake of grabbing the wrong bag or leaving a bag behind, it will also be much quicker when you arrive at each destination to grab one color and run to the door.

[Wireless Earbuds]: Wireless earbuds give you a discreet way to listen to music, podcasts or audio books, take nav app direction without disturbing your passenger, or taking a call while carrying bags. Consider investing in a quality pair to enhance your overall experience.


By equipping yourself with the right tools, you'll be better prepared to tackle your rides and deliveries efficiently and make the most out of your gig days. So, gear up and hit the road with confidence!